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Like sunshine on a cloudy day!

Rock Window Cleaners service is beyond ordinary, it’s exceptional – We offer friendly, uniformed technicians who arrive on time, eager to complete your cleaning project in one detailed visit.

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We only use the best equipment on the market, to ensure an efficient and professional service. We work with the traditional wash and squeegee techniques but also utilise pure water-fed poles for those harder to reach areas. We can clean your windows and frames safely from the ground leaving them sparkling clean and steak-free.


We get it you're busy.  So try our online booking service. We have made a real effort to make it easy for you. You can book our services online. Payment is required in full upon completion. We accept all major debit or credit cards. Alternatively we also accept cash.


We care about the environment and your property, which is why we don’t use harsh chemicals in any of the work we carry out. Leave the cleaning to us and we’ll leave you with peace of mind.


How does Pure Water Clean Windows?

Firstly tap water is Purified using Reverse Osmosis. The  water is then passed through a Deionization vessel containing Mixed Bed Resin producing ultra-pure water. Water in this state is known as a Universal Solvent which will dissolve solids until it becomes saturated.

The water is stored in food grade storage tanks and is brought with us. It is pumped through our water fed poles with brushes attached which are designed for window cleaning, the brush agitates the dirt while the pure water washes it away. Once the window has been agitated we then rinse the glass leaving nothing but pure water behind. After about 15 to 60 minutes depending on the weather, the water will evaporate leaving no residue, water stains, streaks or cloth marks.

Reasons why pure water window cleaning is better than traditional methods:

1. Your frames are cleaned, so when it rains, dirt will not run down onto your glass.

2. No soaps are used, which leave behind a residue allowing dust and dirt to adhere to.

3. Windows are statically discharged, so will not attract dust.

4. Your privacy is protected - No faces at the window.

5. No damage to your property - Gutters, Roof Tiles and Ladder Holes in your lawn.

6. Safe - No ladders.

7. Eco-Friendly.

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